Golden Buddha Painting

  • The Buddha appears in this painting in a golden hue, surrounded by the cosmos.  Almost seems to be omniscient.
  • High quality glossy canvas print with long lasting durability.   Printed at high resolution using the latest state of the art color technology ensures sharp & vivid images every time.
  • We have three different sizes available, which can be delivered framed or unframed.  We recommend purchasing the piece unframed.  The reason being that the frames are large in volume, which makes them expensive to ship, even if they are not heavy.
  • Note: Unless you explicitly order your painting with the frame, the painting will arrive with no frames.  They will arrive rolled up in a tube.  Frames are not heavy, but they are large volume items, and would be very expensive to ship.  This is the reason that we offer free shipping on all of our products.  If the painting comes with no frame, then you have to order one online separately, or go to a craft goods store and purchase one there.
  • Please allow 10-12 days for shipping.
  • Free shipping worldwide on all paintings.

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