Our Story

We are a small team out of Tampa, Florida - and we all share an appreciation for the aesthetic and simplicity for the art that has been produced in the East.

Our founder Michael, is currently traveling in Asia and has visited dozens of countries in the region.  

Our website isn't only about selling Eastern art, but about exposing more people to the teachings and the philosophy of the great Asian thinkers.  That is why we write about meditation, yoga, history, and philosophy, among other things.

Asia is a big place, in between Istanbul and Tokyo lie about 4 and half billion people, and so we think it is a little strange that most people that were raised in western countries have little exposure to all these people, who also have idea, and hold values that are just as significant as those in Europe or America.

China and India are historically speaking, the cultural centers of Asia.  This changed for awhile, when these two countries closed themselves off to the world, but now this is once again becoming true. 

A lot of our inventory is inspired by these two countries, but we are interested in the entire continent, and our inventory will always change to reflect this.

Even if you are not ready for a purchase, do us a favor, and have a look around, read our blog, and tell us what you think we could do to improve.