10 Unusual Destinations in India To Visit

By Michael Quesada December 15, 2018

10 Unusual Destinations in India To Visit

Indian Destinations Nobody Visits

India is one of the most exotic places to spend a vacation in, so much so that there are a lot of commercialized and popular destinations that tourists usually frequent.  However, if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by too many people, then you’re in luck because this list is for you.

There are still so many hidden gems in India, so whether you already reside in India or are planning to visit, definitely check out these 10 under-appreciated destinations.

1. Kaas Plateau, Satara

Kaas Plateu is located in Maharashta and it is a volcanic plateau.  It has been pretty unknown for years, although lately, a few tourists have been visiting.  This is because last June 2012, it was declared a biodiversity site by UNESCO.

Of course, the place is definitely not as crowded as other tourist spots just yet, so you and your company can enjoy a relaxing break here. 

Some people call Kaas Plateau as the Valley of Flowers, and it’s not hard to see why. Around August to October, all sorts of flowers grow and bloom there– ones you might not have even heard about. To be more exact, there is at least 850 different kinds, from orchids to carnivorous plants, and more.

Kass Flower India

2. Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh

It doesn’t really snow in India, but there are rare places there that do experience snowfall.  One of those places is Lambasingi in Andhra Pradesh. The area is situated 1000 meters above sea level and the temperature is usually freezing (0°C to 10°C during Winters).

Despite the fact that it’s so high up, there are still countless things to do in Lambasingi.  For instance, you can go trekking or hiking within the forests.  You can even go camping if you want.  Another option is to check out the Kothapally waterfall, which is the perfect place to have a romantic picnic with a loved one.

If you’re interested in going, the best months to visit would be around December to January.  Of course, remember to bring lots of warms clothes and jackets to keep yourself warm.  There’s an airport in Vishakhapatnam, which is relatively near Lambasingi.

Then from Vizag, you can ride a bus or taxi to bring you to your destination.

Travel India

3. Kaziranga National Park

Despite the fact that Kaziranga National Park has so much to offer, it is still one of the many underrated destinations in India.  This is because the park is located in an area in Assam that is not as easily accessible as others.

You’ll be missing out if you don’t go there at least once though.  Kaziranga National Park is home to countless animals, such as rhinos, elephants, tigers, and more.  As a matter of fact, it has the biggest population of one-horned rhinoceroses.

There are safari tours, wildlife sanctuaries, and bird-watching hotspots. This park definitely offers a one-of-a-kind experience of anyone – children and adults alike.

Kaziranga National Park in India

4. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Ladakh is an amazing tourist spot located in Jammu and Kashmir.  Not only is it physically beautiful, but it’s also full of culture that nobody can resist.  It is situated in a high altitude, so you might see some snow covering the peaks.  But further down, you will see that it’s more of a desert.

That being said, it would be best if you take at least a day in order to acclimatize yourself before you go out exploring, as the altitude of this destination is at least 3000 meters.  However, what truly sets Ladakh apart from the rest is the Tibetan Buddhist culture that is still present within the area.

You will find ancient monasteries and other religious artifacts that can be traced to Himalayn Buddhism. 

Ladakh India

5. Lonar Crater, Maharashtra

The Lonar Crater is a very interesting lake that was formed due to a meteorite that hit around 570,000 years ago.  What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it’s made up of both saline and alkaline water.  It can be likened to soda, as it even bubbles up if you put the water in a container and shake it.

Due to its water composition, the lake has enticed many ecologists and the like.  In addition, it even has a mini lake near it.  This is because it is said that when the meteorite hit, there was a smaller piece that landed nearby.  This one is called Chota Lonar Lake.

To reach this magnificent lake, the closest major city would be Aurangbad.  If you aren’t in Aurangbad already, you can reach it via tour bus or public transport from Mumbai, Pune, or other nearby cities.  You can then ride a local bus from Aurangbad to Lonar.

Lonar Crater India

6. Majuli, Assam

Next on the list is Majuli, which is one of the most massive freshwater river islands. It is known as a disappearing island because its soil is constantly eroding.  As a matter of fact, it’s expected that the entire island will succumb to the water in the distant future.

That is why more people need to know about this island and take the necessary steps to ensure that it doesn’t disappear forever.

It’s a relatively isolated place, so it’s a perfect place to go to if you want to be embraced by nature.  Besides its natural beauty, Majuli also have festivals and events that any tourist would love to attend. There are dances and other activities where you can be completely immersed in their culture.

Majuli, Assam in India

7. Nuranang Falls, Arunachal Pradesh

If you’re in Northeast India, then you definitely need to check out Nuranang Falls at least once. Besides the fact that the waterfalls itself is breathtaking, the Bollywood movie entitled “Koyla” was actually filmed there.  As a result, it has gotten more and more recognition through the years.

Legend says that the falls was named after Nura, a girl from the Monpa tribe who once helped an Indian soldier.  The waterfall is magnificent to look at and the surrounding area is picture-worthy as well.

Fortunately, even though it’s an underrated area, it’s fairly easy to catch a ride from Tawang to Nuranang.  There are daily buses that can take you there.

India Waterfall

8. Chaukori, Uttarakhand

Chaukori is a village that is 2,010 meters above sea level.  As a result, not a lot of tourists bother to come here, but they’re definitely missing out.  The view that Chaukori offers is magnificent and there are peaks and woodlands to appreciate.

If that hasn’t sold you yet, there’s also tea gardens that were created by the British before independence.  You can view and walk through these gardens and breathe in the fresh scent of green tea leaves.

Since it’s situated high up, then you can witness a scenic view during dusk and dawn.  If you want to be more immersed in culture, then there are places in Chaukori for that as well.  For instance, there are quite a few Hindu shrines, such as the Nakuleshwar Temple and the Harinag Temple.

To reach Chaukori, you can ride a plane to Pantnagar, which is the closest airport. From there, you can ride one of the many taxis available.

Chaukori India

9. Unakoti, Tripura

Unakoti in Tripura has one of the most intricate and detailed carvings in India, yet somehow, not that many people visit it.  This site is steeped in Hindu mythology, as they say that Lord Shiva – along with other gods and goddesses – rested in Unakoti for a night while on their way to Kashi.

Shiva instructed everyone to wake up before sunrise, however he was the only one who woke up when the time came.  In the end, he cursed his companions and turned them into stone, setting for Kashi on his own.

You will find carvings of different mythological deities, such as Lord Shiva himself, Ganesh, Vishnu, Hanuman, and others.  It’s truly an awe-inspiring place for those who want to feel closer to their spiritual beliefs, or for those history buffs in general.

India Travel

10. Champhai, Mizoram

If you want your vacation in India to be immersed in hills, and lush, green grass, then Champhai is the destination for you.  There are a number of exciting things to see here besides the scenic hills.  If you’re interested in adventure, then you can explore the Kungawrhi Puk cave.

There are rivers and lakes too, as well as a spot that’s perfect for trekking called Thasiama Seno Neihna.  If you’re more curious about the history and culture of Champhai, there are monuments and relics within the area as well.  It’s definitely an ideal site for tourists interested in a one-of-a-kind vacation.

Champhai India Travel


India is a spectacular place to visit either by yourself, with family, or with friends.  It doesn’t come as a surprise why people from all over the world love spending vacations there.  But if you want your visit to be more unique and even more relaxing – without the hubbub of thousands of people – then that is also more than possible.

India is a treasure trove of underrated sites; places where not a lot of people know about.  List down these 10 destinations for your next trip and enjoy the beauty that India has to offer!

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Unusual Destinations in India

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