10 Best Destinations For A Yoga Retreat

By Michael Quesada July 28, 2018

10 Best Destinations For A Yoga Retreat


Whether you practice for the numerous health benefits, or you love the spiritual aspects of the philosophy behind it, yoga is not going anywhere.  

There are yoga studios in nearly every major city across the world, offering a variety of different styles of yoga, for all different skill levels.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to yoke, or to unite,  which originated in India around 2,600 years ago.  These days, yoga is mostly perceived as an exercise regimen.  However, in Hindu philosophy it is a core aspect of spiritual enlightenment.

The 10 Best Meditation Retreat Destinations in The World

10 Best Cities for a Yoga Retreat

You may have come across yoga retreats in your yoga studio announcement board, or on social media.  Yoga retreats helps yogis deepen their practice.  When you go on a yoga retreat, it generally lasts for 3 days or more and is usually done in a foreign country.  We know how busy everyone is nowadays, and so we did the research for you.  The following ten cities, based on research and reviews, are where we would recommend an aspiring yogi to attend a multi-day yoga retreat.

1.  Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh is found in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.  It is town most known as the birthplace of yoga which makes it one of the best destinations for a yoga retreat.  There are also various yoga ashrams to choose from in this place which you can also book online if you are planning ahead.  If you like to add some cultural enrichment to your retreat, the Ganges River is just a stones throw away.  There are also many Hindu temples which you can visit nearby.

You can find affordable retreats starting from $50USD/night.  There are also packages for 7 days which include airport transportation that can set you back at around $300 (USD) to $700.

Recommended programs:

Pool Chatti Ashram

Ananda in the Himalayas

Samadhi Yoga Ashram

Rishikesh, India Yoga Retreat

2.  Mysore, India

If you’ve been practicing Ashtanga yoga for a while, the word Mysore may be familiar to you.  Mysore is the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga, which is one of the most popular styles as well as one of the most influential.  Krishnamacharya, who is considered the father of modern yoga, popularized the practice in the 1930’s.  He taught some of the most notable yoga gurus namely B.K.S. Iyengar and K.Patthabi Jois.

Mysore is famous for its temples, and if you make it to the city, they are an absolute must see.

Mysore yoga ashrams usually hold retreats ranging from 7-30 days.  It is popular for those who want to be certified as an instructor.  Prices ranging from $300 to $1,500, including meals and airport transportation.

Recommended programs:

Anahata Healing Arts Center  

Samyak Yoga

Indea Yoga

Mysore Yoga Retreat

3.  Ibiza, Spain

Famous as a party destination for young Europeans, but there is more to this island in the Mediterranean than most people would think.  Yes, beautiful beaches and amazing weather are part of the allure, but there is also a more spiritual side to the island as well.   

Yoga retreats on Ibiza are very popular with Europeans.  The main reason is that it isn’t that far.  You don’t have to take a 12 hour flight to Asia, just a couple hours south to Spain. 

The only drawback of doing a retreat in Europe, is that you get European prices.  Prices here start at $1,000 and only go up from there.  The reason why they are so expensive is that most of the programs are set in luxury resorts, thus pushing prices upward.

Recommended programs:

Yoga Chicas  

Ibiza Yoga

Sunset Mountain

Ibiza Yoga Retreat

4.  Bali, Indonesia

Bali has always been one of the top destinations for yoga retreats, but ever since Eat, Pray, Love came out, Bali has been the go to destination for aspiring yogis.  Its rich culture, beaches, and waves are a plus to anyone who wants to go on a yoga retreat.  It also boasts of vegan and vegetarian-friendly cuisine that most yogis adopt in the long run due to its health benefits.  The myriad of spas you can find in Bali is another reason why yogis flock to this island in Indonesia.

You can find yoga ashrams in Bali that offers packages as well as studios that offer teacher certification.

A lot of yogis love the price ranges Bali offers.  You can hop on a flight to Bali and have a 5-day retreat for just $300 with meals.  There are also those who would like to have retreats on more upscale resorts which are around $1000 for 7 days.

Recommended programs:

Yoga Bliss

Serenity Eco Guesthouse

Santhika retreat center


5.  Koh Pangan, Thailand

This island which is situated in the south of Thailand has a reputation of a party destination for tourists.  Its all-night parties draw backpackers and tourist from all around the world.  If you want to check out the Full Moon Party while on the island, we would recommend doing that first, then checking yourself into the yoga retreat, for some well deserved (and needed) detoxing.

Like Bali, Koh Pangan offers a wide price range of yoga retreat packages.  A 7-day retreat costs around $300 - $600 with accommodation.  If the retreat will be held in a luxury resort with other perks like surfing and diving, it can set you back around $1000 for 10 days.

Recommended programs:

Wonderland Healing Center

Samma Karuna

Orion Healing

Thailand Yoga Retreat

6.  Algarve, Portugal

Algarve is in the southernmost portion of Portugal.  It is rich in culture and tradition which is a great place to take the time off from the 9-5 grind.  The Mediterranean appeal of the place is a great bonus as you take part in a yoga retreat, especially if you’ve been on retreats held in Asian countries.  Portugal isn’t a large country, so you could easily head up to Lisbon, or hop the border over to Seville in Spain.

The costs of yoga retreat packages in Algarve will set you back around $600 to $1800 for an average of 8 days.

Recommended programs:

Vida Pura

Bura Surf House


Thailand Yoga Retreat

7.  Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for sun, sand, and sea.  Its gorgeous beaches and a positive island vibe draws tourists and surfers.  It’s no wonder yoga retreats are held in this island year-round.  Sun Salutation by the beach, anyone?

If you’re keen on checking out yoga retreat packages, you just might get lucky and book a $400USD package with meals and accommodation.  If the retreat will last more than 5 days, it’ll set you back around $700 and above, depending on the venue.

Recommended programs:

Full Circle


Body Flows

Hawaii Yoga Retreat

8.  Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand and is it is one of the more popular yoga retreat destinations in Thailand.  It has a blend of culture and city and has studios that offer a wide range of yoga styles from Ashtanga to Kundalini.  It also boasts of teacher certification programs which are recognized by the Yoga International Alliance.

There are budget-friendly retreats that only cost $300 for 5 days.  This is why  Koh Samui is also a favorite destination of Yogis who don’t want to shell out that much money.  But if you’d like to join a retreat in a more expensive resort venue, the price can range from $600 to $1000 for 5 days.

Recommended programs:

Samahita Retreat

Banburee Resort and Spa

Thai Yoga Retreat

9.  Hariharalaya, Cambodia

The small village of Hariharalaya is just 10 miles away from Siem Reap and hosts yoga retreats year round.  The remote village doesn’t have WiFi, but isn’t unplugging the whole point of a retreat?

This is one of the reasons yogis love spending time here.  Its calm and relaxing atmosphere makes it a perfect venue for a retreat.  An added bonus is you can visit the incredible Angkor Wat after the retreat.

A lot of retreat packages are quite budget-friendly, primarily due to the fact that the facilities are a bit Spartan.  Affordable packages range from $300 to $500 for 6 days of inclusive of meals and accommodation.

Recommended programs:

Hariharalaya Retreat Center

Angkor Zen Gardens Retreat Center

Cambodia Yoga Retreat

10.  Santorini, Greece

Greece is getting more popular as a yoga retreat destination because it has one of the best weather conditions for a country in Europe.   Its jaw-dropping architecture, culture, and history, is a draw for yogis.  Santorini, in particular, hosts yoga retreats all-year round and even has teacher certification programs.

The prices of yoga retreats in Santorini are quite reasonable.  They range from $700 to $1000 for 6-9 days.

Recommended programs:

Sky Pilates and Yoga

Yoga Yamas

Santorini Yoga Retreat


Wether you are just beginning your yoga journey, or you are a master yogi, you can benefit from a yoga retreat.  The benefits are many, but the number one reason to consider one is that they are usually paired with meditation.  In this fast moving world of ours, meditation is one of the few scientifically proven practices that will allow your to slow down, and just take a breath. 

Those were our picks for the best yoga retreat destinations, but there are many, many more destinations that we could recommend.  What about you though, can you recommend some others to us?

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10 Best Destinations For A Yoga Retreat

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